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Writer : Andi Najmira Puspitasari Amarala
Date : 22nd January 2018


A girl who is having so much doubt in herself finally just started a new journey of her life as the new year has just started. That’s girl is me, I’m leaving my comfort zone to challenge myself to get the new experiences that could help me in developing myself. As I was giving my best smile to my family, so I could ensure them that I would be ok for all the way long. Then took the most earliest morning flight to the place that I’ve never been before in January 14, 2018. Having flight about 8 hours then I finally landed in Taiwan. Maybe you guys are wondering what is my thought that made me finally make the steps in this country. There are so many things that I would like to share, so just keep on the updates that I will post every week until the next 5 weeks. Here let me share something that hopefully you could get the sensation of “smile therapy” that I did for my first week in Taipei, especially in Art and Science Kids Society (ASKS).

從桃園國際機場和親切的EP夥伴Rachel搭乘捷運。而終於我到了捷運的最後一站,那兒將是我會見到我的寄宿家庭男主人大衛先生的地方。我吃了台灣人引以為傲的牛肉麵,作為我在這的第一餐, 這餐讓我感到特別溫暖。大衛先生帶我到他家並向我介紹其他家裡的成員,艾米女士,桑潔,方滕,狗狗和貓咪。我所能做就是笑容以報,不斷的說”謝謝”,謝謝這個家庭給我一個住宿的地方、國際志工計畫的機會等,還有更多的東西。當然,這就是我所謂的“微笑療法”,一笑天下無難事喔。

After riding the MRT from Taoyuan International Airport with my lovely EP buddy, Rachel. Finally I arrived in the last station, the place that I would meet my host family father, Mr. David. Then I was having my first meal which is beef noodle, the Taiwanese pride. Yaa sure it could made me feel warm. Then Mr. David took me to his house and meet other family members; Mrs. Amy, Sunjade, Fountain, Yuki, and chiao-miaw. All I can do was smiling and said “thank you” for giving me a place, opportunity, and so much more that I would get with this family. Sure, here’s “the smile therapy” that I did.


After a day having full rest because I was really jetlag, I guess. Finally I went to my work place, Art and Science Kids Villa (ASKV, which is part of ASKS’s program) that is Mr. David and Mrs. Amy organized by themselves. Start from the excitement of the kids for having interaction with me, eventhough the langauge understanding still bordering us. But what I can do was automatically smiling. Even when I met the parents and other people around the street. Guess this Indonesian culture is also happening in here. Because the people are so friendly, they also giving back their true smile to me that made me feel comfort in here. I could feel the positive vibes in my host fam house and my work place. Guess I’m ready to continue my journey for the next week ahead.
PS: I would like to share the activities in ASKV for the next week post. So stay tune ;)
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