FRI,APR 19,2019 17:08


Growing The Love 讓愛更遠大
By; Andi Najmira PA 
文: 印尼籍國際志工 米拉


The second week has just started. The spirit of the kids and teachers to showing their best in the charity fundraising bazaar has fired up my spirit and interest to also enjoying participation along their process in the practicing until the day of the event. Besides do the volunteering, in this second week I have a lot of many questions of different things that I’ve never seen or experienced it before. Especially inside the Art and Science Kids’s Society itself. Start from how dicipline and awareness of the kids to help each other, the design of the toilet could it be the thing that erase the stigmation of opposite gender, the daily food to eat, even the culture on the dinner table.

Until the day of the event (01/27/2018), finally the show was held. I also could see how were the parents enjoyed their participation in this charity event. So this event was included the kid’s performances, bazaar and auction. The fund that we got would become a donation to the country in South America. I also joined the auction and got several things that worth enough for me. But the important one is to help and growing the love. Salute to all the people who have participated in this event. I’m glad that I also could growing the love through this event and my whole second week.

In the weekend of this second week, I also used my opportunity to travel Tamsui with other exchange participants from different project. Sure our trip was so exhausting and fun at the same time. But it couldn’t be more fun if I do this alone. We went to the old market in Tamsui, across the river by ferry to Bali oldstreet, visit Tienyuen Temple with the cherryblosoms were already bloomed, and close my trip to Shilin Night Market. The weather wasn’t good back then, but it never could take away my grateful feeling to got through this second week full of cherish and love. Ya, we’re growing the love as the sakura’s are start blooming. Beautiful like warm of the spring in the winter.